Friday, 1 April 2016

A little bit of this & that.

I hope all of you had a fun-filled Holi. Since childhood I never really preferred playing with colors and water balloons. So this time on the "Festival of Colours", I decided to celebrate Holi by adding colours & a desi twist to my outfit. :) 
Would you ever recommend anyone to wear a contemporary dress with jootis, anklets ,a turban and bindis? I'm sure your answer would be a big NO.

Well here I am sharing how I teamed all of this together for my outfit, this Holi.

For make up I chose winged eyeliner with three bindis in the shade of my dress.
Oh and also my dear friend Azra was kind enough to apply mehendi.
                                     Isn't it beautiful?

For footwear I chose jootis and teamed it with an anklet.
And yes I got this dress from a thrift shop at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.Guess the price?

Credit-Hage Namie
I hope you liked the look. :)

Much love,